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Orderflows Market Analysis October 2 2017 Emini Bonds Five Year Notes Eurocurency Crude Oil Futures. New all time high reached in the ES and if you are looking at order flow there was a sell signal right at the high. Beautiful. Also, the five year notes and 30 year bond futures also gave nice order flow trade signals. These are the same setups I show and discuss just about everyday…Ratios and Divergence or Divergence and the ratio in the next bar. There are a lot of...

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My 3 latest YouTube videos on Orderflows Trader End Of September 2017

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Hey guys, here are my 3 latest YouTube videos on Orderflows Trader software in action. There are many examples of the classic order flow trade setups that show up every day in the market. This is why I am a big believer that order flow will give you an edge over other traders. However, order flow is not easy for every trader to understand. I try to make it as simple as possible, but it still requires effort on your part. If you are a trader who wants everything handed to...

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If There Is One Reason To Use Order Flow – This Is It!

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Here you will see why you should be at least looking at an order flow volume footprint chart. Huge volume. You can only see this information on a footprint chart. In the Eurocurrency today there was a perfect example of huge volume going through that supported the market. This is an example of market generated information at its...

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Orderflows Market Analysis September 15 2017 BOOM New Contract Highs!

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Boom! New contract highs in the SP and YM. As you can see from the order flow there was never any reason to be selling these highs, in fact in the ES it was pretty clear that you should be long. In the YM there was a sign the market was going to trend higher. Soybeans, the most under-rated futures contract out there followed order flow beautifully giving a trader many trading...

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Join Me For A Free Trading Webinar

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Hey everyone. Join me on Tuesday, September 19th as I will be speaking as part of Investor Inspiration: Pro Traders Workshop Online Training Conference REGISTER NOW Are you looking for the most comprehensive market updates on Forex, Stocks, Options, & Futures trading? Then join me and 5 other renowned financial experts discuss trading and what works for each of us and how you can use it in your own trading. Register Below (Link in the description) Watch live, as we take...

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