Stacked Imbalance In The ESH7 On March 7 2015

Posted by on Mar 8, 2017 in Blog

I wanted to post this chart in the ESH7 5 minute footprint chart. There was a nice
strong negative delta, stacked imbalance and in the next bar there was a bearish
ratio 209.7 with a single print high of 9 lots. which is a strong sign that the
market would continue lower.

Traders always ask me “is it important where in a bar an stacked imbalance
occurs?” Honestly I have not found it to matter much. You would think the higher
in a bar that trades lower the more power it can be. But honestly my studies have
shown it doesn’t matter much. I could be completely wrong, my sample size too
small, or whatever. If you think otherwise let me know your thoughts.

A study I want to do is when an imbalance occurs early in a bar like in the first
30 seconds of a 5 minute bar and then holds, or occurs late in the bar like the
last 15 seconds and a main reason you have it is because there just wasn’t enough
time in the bar to trade more volume. I am interested in those situations. I spend
most of my days looking at range bars, not minute based bars though.