NT8 NinjaTrader 8 Upgrade For OrderFlows Trader

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Blog

We are pleased to announce the release of OrderFlows Trader for NT8 today. If you are using NT8 and would like to switch just send me an email or use the contact form on this website.
I realize that not everyone is going to be switching the NT8 right away, so when you are ready to make the switch with the software just let me know.
I know in trading your software is indispensable. So you might not be willing to make the switch so early in the release of NT8. You want to make sure it is stable because invariably there are always little bugs that pop up. I understand that completely.

When your system is down, your ability to trade and earn a living is compromised.
Pretty much every indicator has to be re-coded for NT8, so if you are using a lot of different indicators, you will need them all to be released on NT8 before you switch.
The good news is that you can run NT7 and NT8 on the same PC, but depending on your data feed you might only be allowed to run it through on version and not both (see FAQ’s below):
The Orderflows Trader upgrade to NT8 is completely free of charge. We will still support the NT7 version of Orderflows Trader, but any enhancements will be done to the NT8 version.
Here are some FAQ’s from the NinjaTrader website regarding NT8:
Do I need a new license key to use NinjaTrader 8?
No, you can use the same license key you have been enjoying with NinjaTrader 7.
Do I need to uninstall NinjaTrader 7 in order to install NinjaTrader 8?
No, NinjaTrader 8 can be installed on the same computer you have been using with NinjaTrader 7 and will not conflict with each other by being installed on the same computer.
Can I use NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 at the same time on the same computer?
Yes, you can use both versions at the same time on the same computer. However your brokerage or data feed may have restrictions on concurrent use. Example: If you are logged into your data provider in NinjaTrader 7, you may need to disconnect before you can use that same connection in NinjaTrader 8.
Can my information from NinjaTrader 7 be automatically migrated to NinjaTrader 8?
Yes, if you are installing NinjaTrader 8 on the same computer you use with NinjaTrader 7, you will be prompted to migrate some of the data from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8. Not all settings can be migrated..
Will there be an upgrade cost to NinjaTrader 8 from NinjaTrader 7?
There is NO cost to access NinjaTrader 8 for all existing users both paying and free.
Will NinjaTrader 7 scripts be compatible with NinjaTrader 8?
Unfortunately, scripts will not be compatible however the conversion process for the majority of scripts should be minimal.
Will NinjaTrader 7 still be supported once NinjaTrader 8 is released?
Are there any new indicators in NinjaTrader 8 Beta?
As of the beta release of NinjaTrader 8, there have been no new indicators developed. However, some of the system NinjaTrader 7 Volume indicators have been made more robust by using Tick Replay which allows them to work historically. We have plans to develop and include more indicators in the near future once NinjaTrader 8 is out of beta.