Here are some of the most frequently asked questions…

What does the Orderflows Trader software package include?

The Orderflows Trader software package includes a ready to install NinjaTrader script. NinjaTrader ready template which is what I use for trading. My 140+ page Order Flow Trading guide. A cheat sheet explaining all the indicators.

I live in Europe, can I use Orderflows Trader effectively?

Yes, as long as you have a futures trading account. Most of our clients are in the U.S., however we have number of people from the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia that have implemented our strategy in their own domestic markets. The concepts and techniques that are explained in the trading guide work in just about every market in the world.

How much money do I need to trade with Orderflows Trader?

Margin requirements vary by broker. Many brokers have intraday margins as low as $500 for the ES and ZN. While I don’t recommend trading with the bare minimum in your account. If you are day trading I suggest at least 3x -4x the intraday margins. Even though our strategies have small risk levels, you don’t want to be trading on the backfoot and being worried about losing trades affecting your account.


I work a fulltime job? Can I use Orderflows Trader?

Yes, there are many futures markets out there for traders besides the ES and ZN. Asian and European markets are very liquid and provide many trading opportunities daily. Order flow concepts apply to any auction markets.