Order Flow Combined With Technical Analysis VWAP

Posted by on Aug 22, 2023 in Blog

Order flow can make technical analysis more powerful. For example, using order flow you may see strong buying interest coming in at a key support level on the chart, giving higher conviction for a long trade.

Using technical analysis alone runs the risk of missing changes in order flow that may invalidate chart patterns or trend signals. Combining technical analysis with order flow helps confirm whether buyers or sellers are supporting the move. Technical analysis helps determine ideal entries, stop losses and take profits.

Combining technical and order flow analysis reduces blindspots for traders and provides a more accurate, complete picture of market conditions to help make better trading decisions.

Traders essentially get the best of both worlds – the structure and risk management of technicals combined with the sentiment and momentum insights order flow provides.

Technical analysis provides traders with a valuable framework for identifying potential trade setups and managing risk through techniques like support/resistance, chart patterns, indicators and more. However, it has blindspots when it comes to detecting shifts in order flow and market sentiment. This is where integrating order flow analysis can make technicals even more powerful.

Order flow examines the actual sequence of buys and sells coming into the market. It provides a moment-by-moment look at which side, the buyers or sellers, are in control. Strong buying interest at a key support level on the chart validates it as an optimal long entry technically. Likewise, heavy selling into a resistance level warns of a high probability rejection.

Without order flow, traders risk entering at points where underlying supply/demand doesn’t align with the technical picture. For example, a bullish chart pattern may fail if big sellers step in to overwhelm buying interest. Or a drop to support could reverse even though technicals forecast a bounce. Combining technical and order flow analysis provides confirmation and improves the odds of accurate forecasting.

On the flip side, order flow alone lacks broader context on trends, ranges, chart patterns and indicators that technicians use to identify high-probability setups and risk/reward. Technical analysis provides the structure, while order flow provides precise entry and exit timing. The macro and micro work hand-in-hand for a complete approach.

Blending technical and order flow analysis allows traders to validate setups from different perspectives. Technicals identify optimal trades, while order flow provides confirmation through revealed buying and selling pressure in real-time. Using both together reduces blindspots and helps traders make more informed decisions with greater confidence.