Order Flow Trading Strategy: How A Market Can Rally On Aggressive Selling

Posted by on Jan 25, 2023 in Blog

Do you every wonder why a market rallies on aggressive selling? Well in this video I explain how the aggressive selling is met by strong passive buying which results in the negative delta and selling imbalances. When there is aggressive selling but it is met with strong passive liquidity in the market, the market won’t go down. In fact it will probably go up instead because traders are absorbing the aggressive selling taking place. Once the aggressive selling ends,...

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Order Flow Imbalances & Why Context Matters

Posted by on Dec 26, 2022 in Blog

To understand order flow imbalances, we must keep context at the forefront. Markets are dynamic environments; market structure and changes in order flow lead to opportunities for active traders to make informed decisions. Each order placed by a trader can have an impact on the market: as a result, it is crucial that a trader pays attention to their surroundings by understanding market structure and analyzing price movement over time to understand how context affects...

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Using Order Flow To Trade A Low Of The Day Spotting Opportunities In Orderflows

Posted by on Dec 23, 2022 in Blog

When a market makes a low there is usually a reason for it. But for order flow traders the reason doesn’t matter, we are just looking at how the order flow comes in once the market trades a new low. Basic trading, 101, a low is support. That basic common knowledge. If it wasn’t support the market would have kept dropping further. Markets are always looking for a balance between supply and demand. When an area of the market has too much supply, prices drop to...

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Anchored Volume Profile A Different Way To Use Volume Profile To See Important Levels In The Market

Posted by on Dec 11, 2022 in Blog

Volume profile is an increasingly important tool among experienced traders. It gives a visual representation of where the volume clusters in different parts of the market, providing users with valuable and concise insights that can be used to inform their trading decisions. On top of this, it permits a greater understanding of how the market is likely to move in response to changing conditions, allowing traders to react quickly and confidently with targeted strategies....

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Delta Footprints Give You A Different View Of Order Flow

Posted by on Dec 10, 2022 in Blog

There are different types of order flow footprint charts available to traders:the normal bid/ask footprint, the delta footprint, the volume footprint and the diagonal delta footprint. Each type of chart provides traders with ways to take advantage of the market. In this video, I discuss how to use the delta footprint chart wisely. The delta footprint is an incredibly useful order flow footprint chart for traders. It tracks the changes in market orders, allowing traders to...

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My interview on crypto and trading on the Globe Official Podcast

Posted by on Aug 6, 2022 in Blog

Recently I was interviewed by the ladies at Globe Official Podcast where I give my thoughts on Crypto and trading in general. The interview includes my views on the current state of crypto, trading crypto versus trading futures, the future of cryptocurrencies and much more. You can watch it here:https://youtu.be/5Rc5wKCRaQc...

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