Delta Scalper

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Delta Scalper

Delta Scalper

Finally a way to trade order flow without having to interpret a volume footprint chart.

I have spent nearly 20 years trading on the institutional side of the market. I traded for JP Morgan (8 years). I traded for Cargill (4 years). I traded for Commerzbank (3 years). I traded for EDF Man (2 years). Let me share with you one thing about all the successful traders I know and dealt with on a daily basis. The one common trading method all the big traders I know do.

Buy when the market is showing strength and sell when the market is weak. The successful traders buy high and sell higher or sell low and buy lower.

Sounds simple right? But yet many traders fail to realize it.

This is why I have created Delta Scalper.

Delta Scalper is one-of-a-kind. It’s unique ability is that it can actually change the way you look at the market. Forget about looking at order flow footprint charts. Delta Scalper was designed for those who don’t want to deal with order flow. Delta Scalper will run on normal bar or candlestick charts.

Delta Scalper was designed around interpreting delta in the market; to understand when and where buyers or sellers are showing their strength in the market.

What is delta? It is the difference between the volume traded on the bid and the volume traded on the offer.

Why is delta important? It measures the strength of the aggressive traders in the market. The traders who are buying the offer or selling into the bid.

Delta scalper is going to totally change the trading landscape for you. It’s going to give you an insight in the market that very few people have or even know exists. Delta.

Of course, with any trading method, proper money management must be followed as not every trade will be a winning trade.  One of the nice features of Delta Scalper is it will draw a level on a chart so you can see where you should be looking to get out of the trade. As a trader ideally you want a way to find low risk trades.

Here is a 21 minute video of how Delta Scalper performed on Monday March 7, 2016

While Delta Scalper is designed as a short term trading tool, it works just as well on longer time frames.

Here is a quick video of how Delta Scalper performed the week of March 7 – March 11, 2016

I hope you can now truly see the power of delta scalper.

So what are you waiting for?


UPDATE Jan 27, 2017

Delta Scalper is no longer available to the public. I retire indicators from distribution after it reaches a certain amount of users.