Upcoming Orderflows Webinar With Investor Inspiration On Tuesday November 8, 2016

Posted by on Nov 4, 2016 in Blog

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Hey everyone, its Mike from Orderflows.com and I wanted to tell you about a webinar I am doing on Tuesday Nov. 8, 2016, Election Day. I will be discussing how to profit from the order flow with common sense analysis. I realize a lot of people do not use order flow in their trading. Why not? Well. when people hear the term order flow trading they think its too confusing, or they don’t know what they are looking at or for, sometimes they are scared because there is so many numbers and so on. But its really not intimidating. I am here to debunk that trading myth. Once you apply common sense analysis based on the order flow in the market you can make better trading decisions.

So what will I be discussing? First topic is: How to find market turning points while they are happening. Markets go up, they go down and they go sideways. If you are long and the market is going up, but is reaching a turning point, the profit potential of the trade is going to start reducing and you should think about getting out rather than letting the market turn and start to move against you. Order flow gives you information as to potential market reversals.
The second topic I will be discussing is: Getting out of bad trades before they stop you out. A common mistake traders make is letting the market go all the way to their stop loss. If you can determine the trade is not working out based on the order flow, you can get out at a partial loss rather than a full loss.

The third topic I will be discussing is: How to see market reversals as they are happening. There are times when the market stops and then just reverses and when it does a trader can make good money by being positioned in the right direction as early as possible. Order flow can give you insight to when reversals are occurring.

The fourth topic I will be discussing is: How to confidently go into any trading situation, even in “unpredictable markets.” Every book on trading says to “remove your emotions.” It is easier said than done, instead what you need to be is confident. Especially in times of market uncertainty. When you understand how to read the market with order flow then you gain confidence in knowing what is happening and as a result your trading become stronger and you make better decisions.
Lastly I will be discussing: How to make smarter trading decisions almost instantly. As a trader you need to be able to make decisions quickly. Order flow seems intimidating at first, but once you understand it then it becomes second nature and you will be able to almost see where the next few ticks are going to happen. Think back to when you were learning how to drive. It seemed like a lot to learn but you did and now when you drive everything is second nature and you can make instant decisions on what to do in certain situations like if a car cuts in front of you. You don’t waste time analyzing the situation. You react. When you use order flow your trading reactions become instant.
So sign up, even if you can’t attend so at least you can receive an email with the link to the replay so that you can watch the webinar at your convenience. I realize it is election day and you are probably working or picking up the kids from school. That is fine. If you are registered you will get the link to watch the replay emailed to you.