A Beautiful Low In The ESM7 3 Range Chart

Posted by on Apr 23, 2017 in Blog

On Friday, April 21 there appeared a beautiful low in the ESM7 futures. At 10:16am Chicago time, you can see the Point Of Control appeared right on the bottom of the bar. You had a ratio bounds low of 0.2268 which indicates stopping volume and you can see there was 2024 traded on the bid side of the low. And the cherry on top is the order flow divergence appearing where you have a new or equal low and positive delta.

Now if you are not convinced yet that this is a swing low, look at the next bar, you have another bullish ratio and a stacked buying imbalance which is coming right off the low.

This was a nice move from 2246.00/2246.50 up above 2248.00 for an easy 2 full pts. The trade was never against you. This is the type of trades you want to take – low risk and almost no heat.