15 Questions And Answers On Order Flow Trading

Posted by on Jun 21, 2017 in Blog

I made this video to help traders understand order flow better. I took 15 commonly asked questions and created this video where I answer them.

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#1 – What kind of charts do you use? Minute based, range based, renko based, etc.?

#2 – What is the best time frame for trading order flow?

#3 – Why do you use a 10 range and a 4 range ES chart?

#4 – What platform does Orderflows trader run on?

#5 What are ratios?

#6 What is POC?

#7 Explain trapped traders.

#8 What is the difference between a volume footprint chart and the DOM?

#9 What are the best markets to trade?

#10 Is order flow easy to use?

#11 Order flow is just the latest fad in the trading world.

#12 I want to make money trading, will order flow help me?

#13 What is market generated information? You use that term a lot.

#14 If you are such a good trader why are you selling this?

#15 What are aggressive buyers and sellers?