Join me on July 7th for my upcoming FREE webinar “Getting An Edge In The Market With Order Flow Analysis”

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Join me on July 7th for my upcoming FREE webinar “Getting An Edge In The Market With Order Flow Analysis”

My webinar will cover:

Why traders fail and how order flow will save you.
Traders new to the markets often come in the markets with a system they bought and have back tested thoroughly, then spend weeks on a trade simulator. Everything is going well, they are making money paper trading, but as soon as they put real money on the line, they experience a few losses and everything goes out the window. After a few bad trades they then proceed to either try and improve the system with more trade filters or in the worse case they abandon the system altogether. So they wasted all that time and money on a system and never follow through. Order flow is not a trading system, rather it is the ability to read what the market is telling you by what is traded on the bid and offer. Once you understand how to read the order flow, you will know when buyers and sellers are being aggressive, when big money is coming into the market, when price is being accepted and rejected and much more. Taking a position in the market will become second nature because the market will make sense to you.

Profit from clear order flow developments in the market as they occur.
Professional atheletes often talk about being in “the zone.” Where they can do nothing wrong. It is the mental state in which a person performs an activity to their absolute maximum ability. When you understand order flow you have knowledge of what is happening now in the market and you will know what to expect next and more importantly you will know how to react when what doesn’t happen as expected happens. One of the things that separates losing and break even traders from the great traders is that great traders know that what doesn’t happen is often very often more important than what actually happens. It is an intuition based on understanding the market through order flow that sentiment has changed in the market.

A simple order flow trade setup that finds market turning points with very low risk.
I will share with you one of my favorite trade setups that appears almost daily in most markets, sometimes it appears more than once is very success. My goal is to make order flow trading easy for you that is why I share trade setups with you, so you know what to look for in the order flow.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend, as long as you are registered you will be able to view the replay.
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