10 User Submitted Questions On Order Flow, Orderflows Trader And Delta Scalper

Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in Blog

I often get questions from users regarding the orderflows trader software, the delta scalper indicator and order flow in general.
I made a video answering the questions. I find it easier to make a video than writing out the answers. I feel like I can cover more ground by talking than by writing.

Here are the questions:

10 User submitted questions about order flow, orderflows trader software and delta scalper trading indicator.

1. Should I use 400% as the ratio in determining a market imbalance?

2. I trade eurocurrency futures what is considered average delta and above average delta? How do you determine that?

3. Where do you place your stop?

4. Do you look for retracements back to VWAP?

5. Are single prints on the extremes automatic buys/sells?

6. I’m confused about something. When you talk about divergences… What’s that exactly? Is it the change on Delta’s and the correlation between Delta’s and price open/close?

7. Do your indicators like Delta Scalper have sound alerts?

8. Why doesn’t my chart look like yours? All my ratios are blue.

9. Are your indicators compatible with Bloodhound?

10. Do you still have a trade room?