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Orderflows Market Analysis October 2 2017 Emini Bonds Five Year Notes Eurocurency Crude Oil Futures.
New all time high reached in the ES and if you are looking at order flow there was a sell signal right
at the high. Beautiful. Also, the five year notes and 30 year bond futures also gave nice order flow
trade signals.

These are the same setups I show and discuss just about everyday…Ratios and Divergence or Divergence and the ratio in the next bar.

There are a lot of order flow software out there. But what makes the Orderflows Trader software different is it actually helps you with your trading decisions with built in order flow analysis tools. I created the ratios indicator in 2015 (I have been doing it manually for year before that) and now other software vendors are copying it. I wouldn’t mind they copying my methods of trading, but I wish they would attribute it to me. It is one thing to copy it and put it in their software, but if they don’t know how to implement it in trading then what is the point? I teach you how to use it in your trading. Learn from the source, the originator.