Orderflows Pulse

Posted by on Mar 17, 2019 in Blog, Hidden Trade Locations

Orderflows Pulse

What is the pulse of the market? Is it getting ready to make a dramatic move? The Orderflows Pulse Indicator alerts you to the moments the market comes to life and is about to pop!

The Orderflows Pulse indicator analyzes order flow, delta, imbalances, point of control, swings and price action to give you promising entry levels.

One of the most commonly repeated trading maxims is “buy low and sell high.” You hear it all the time, but the reality is very few traders understand it. The reason being most traders think in terms of price only. While there is nothing wrong with buying something cheap, there is often a reason why something is cheap. What I think the saying should be is “buy on strength and sell higher” and “sell on weakness and buy lower.” But a trader must first understand the importance of value. The value of a commodity is one of the most important attributes that traders and their trading methods seek to identify. A fundamental trader will take into account all the economic factors such as supply and demand, interest rates, etc., weighs them, analyzes them and viola…they have the value of a commodity. A technical trader use price and sometimes volume to develop a trading model and implying some type of smoothed price change to a change in value. But the link between price and value in most models is nebulous because value is difficult to tie down and is a moving target.

The Orderflows Pulse is not a prediction indicator. It does not try to predict how high or low the market will go or find the top or bottom in the market. The Pulse is an observation indicator and is based on what is happening in the markets right now.

Want to learn more about the Orderflows Pulse? Watch the video here: https://www.orderflows.com/pulse.html