Delta Surge Updated

Posted by on Apr 26, 2020 in Blog

On April 22, we have updated the Orderflows Delta Surge Indicator for NT8
and it is available for FREE, just go to this page to sign up:

Please note: You will need to register your email with us before downloading.

The Delta Surge is for NinjaTrader 8 and will work on normal candlestick charts as you can see below, as well as Orderflows Trader charts.

Here is a 1-minute GC chart from Friday April 24, 2020:

Here is a 5-minute ES chart from Friday April 24, 2020:

I made this short video to show you how it works:

Order flow analysis is a great tool for traders and now with the Delta Surge
you can start adding order flow to your trading.

If in the past you have registered and downloaded the previous version,
you will still need to download the indicator from the sign up page: