Orderflows Trader 3.0 Upgrade

Posted by on Oct 7, 2020 in Blog

We are pleased to announce the release of the upgraded and updated version of Orderflows Trader, aptly named Orderflows Trader 3.0


Orderflows Trader 3.0 is a major upgrade in terms of functionality as well as analytics for understanding order flow. There are SEVEN new order flow analysis tools to help you trade the order flow: Market Sweep Detector, Market Weakness Detector, Orderflows Sequencing, POC Slingshot, Value Area, Value Area – EVA, and Inverse Imbalance. These tools are hard coded into the Orderflows Trader 3.0, there is no additional cost or software to add on.

In addition to the new order flow analysis tools listed above, you will also get our TEN standard order flow analysis tools that came with the earlier versions of Orderflows Trader: Orderflows Delta Divergence, Exhaustion Print, Imbalance Reversal, Zero Prints, Volume Profile, Stacked Imbalance, Multiple Imbalance, Unfinished Business, Prominent Point of Control, Orderflows Ratio. Other software have copied our tools just to have something in their software, but don’t show you how to use them. What is the point? If you have tools to analyze the order flow, you also need to learn how to apply them. I show you how to use all these tools in your everyday trading.

Orderflows specializes in providing you with new and unique order flow trading tools that are on the cutting edge of order flow analysis. Other software packages contain only the older, simpler rudimentary forms of order flow analysis.

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