The Pulse of Gold Futures

Posted by on Oct 7, 2020 in Blog

What makes order flow so powerful for traders is there is more than one way to apply it. You can analyze the delta or the point of control or the volume traded on the bid or volume traded on the offer and so much more.

The Orderflows Pulse is a tools for traders that analyzes the order flow internally in a bar to look for traders awakening and getting aggressive all of a sudden. Before a market makes a strong move there is often signs in the order flow. The Pulse detects that activity and alerts the trader to it.

Here is the GCZ0 futures from October 6, 2020:

I have shown the indicator on a normal bar chart, to show more of the trading day, but the Orderflows Pulse will work on an Orderflows Trader chart as well.

Notice how the Pulse is signalling right ahead of strong moves. But why does these moves happen? They happen because of the activities of the aggressive traders getting busy. Take the guess work out of trying to read the order flow, let the computer do it for you.

To find out more about the Orderflows Pulse, go to: