Complete Orderflows Trader Package

Hi, it’s Michael Valtos here. I’ve been trading Futures for over 20 years for some of the biggest trading firms in the world – JP Morgan, Cargill, Commerzbank, EDF Man.

Now with the increase in computing power a retail trader can arm themselves with order flow trading software that analyzes the markets to see what the big banks and commodity houses are doing in the market and gives you, the retail trader, a better chance than ever to start making money trading.

Forget spending thousands of dollars on the latest software that is just too complicated to understand or spending a lot of money on indicators that work in one market but not another.

Let me explain why the Complete Orderflows Trader Package is the best deal on the market today.

Orderflows Trader Software presents the order flow in the market to you in an eye-opening way that you never imagined. It’s going to show you when price is being rejected or accepted, it’s going to show you when short term trade setups occur, when continuation will occur, when the market goes from balance to imbalance and more. While that is great it doesn’t end there.

Inside the package you are also going to get the only trading manual on order flow that will transform you from a beginner in order flow to an advanced order flow trading by teaching you what you are looking at in the market and how to interpret what is happening. This is a 150 page trading guide that I personally wrote that is the culmination of my 20 years of trading experience.

Traders all over the world are using order flow analysis to find better trades, have low risk stops, take smaller loses on losing trades and just have a better understanding of why the market is moving.

But there’s a problem…

Having an order flow footprint chart on your screen doesn’t mean you will know how to trade with order flow. You can spend thousands of dollars on trading software but if you don’t know what to look at and more importantly what to look for in the market then you will never become a profitable order flow trader.

That’s why a lot of would be traders have failed and given up on order flow trading. We have all been in that situation before, spending lots of money on software only to give up because we only understand maybe 5% – 10% of what is showing on the chart.

Let’s face it, order flow trading looks great at first glance but if you don’t know where to start or what to look for in the market you will be lost like someone floating in the ocean in a lifeboat. Orderflows Trader makes a big difference in your education of order flow as well as trading.

But what if you have no idea how to read an order flow footprint chart? Or maybe  you have already tried order flow software and liked it but realized that it was just too expensive for you to afford?

But I am changing all that today…

I have put together a complete Order Flow Trading Package, that not only gives the trader a great order flow foot print chart, but also access to over 15 hours of order flow specific education, order flow trading manuals, chart templates so that you can get your charts set up the same as mine without having to fumble around with settings AND access to the daily live Orderflows Trading/Education room where you can see live current order flow analysis in real-time.

After all what good is having software to analyze the market if you don’t know how to use it?

The complete Orderflows Trader Software Package includes:
Orderflows Trader Software so you can analysis the order flow in the market.
Orderflows Trader custom chart templates so you can get started right away and not have to mess around wasting hours trying to set up your charts so they look like the examples.
The Delta Candles Indicator Software
The Flip Indicator Software
so you can get additional trade signals from an overlooked aspect of the market – the delta.
The 150 page trading manual “Trading Order Flow” which is the only comprehensive guide available on trading order flow.

Access To The Orderflows Daily Live Trading And Education Room which runs from 8am to 10am Chicago time Tuesday to Thursday. You can watch and learn as I discuss what is going on in the order flow in real time, mainly the ES and ZB, however when another market has something interesting going on I will try to discuss it. You can ask questions that you have about order flow.

If you were to go and buy order flow software by itself it would cost you anywhere between $250 and $4000. That is just for the software itself, there is little to no education that comes with it.

Today, I’m not going to charge you that. You are getting Orderflows Trader Software, templates, Delta Candles, trading manuals, The Flip indicator and access to the Orderflows Trading room ALL for a very low One-Time discounted price of just $599…

Where else are you going to get solid order flow trading education from a former institutional trader who worked both the bank side and the commercial commodity trading house side.

So what are you waiting for? You’re saving yourself hours of searching the internet trying to figure out order flow trading on your own, taking trading advice from an someone with the username “twolipstrading69” on some trading forum,  through trial and error or spending thousands of dollars on software and not even know how to use it.

I created the complete Order Flow Trader Package because a lot of people have come to me asking me to help them with their trading after they have wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on other systems and methods. I wanted to create a complete package that even a beginner could use to get started trading order flow with as well as an experienced trader who could advance his knowledge of order flow trading.

I look forward to seeing you inside the trading room. This is Michael Valtos and I’ll see you on the inside.