Price Rejector For Orderflows Users

Orderflows Price Rejector

Finally, after months of work, I am pleased to announce the release of the Orderflows Price Rejector. For existing Orderflows Trader users I am offering it at a substantial discount which covers development (programming) costs.

The Price Rejector is an order flow based indicator that helps you to determine when the last buyer has bought and the market is ready to reverse and sell off. Or the last seller has sold and the market is ready to reverse and move higher.

Unlike normal price based indicators what makes the Price Rejector differently is it takes into account the volume that trades. Vanilla priced based indicators disregard volume and that is why they are not very effective.

Here is an presentation on the Price Rejector (its an hour long):

The Price Rejector works on Orderflows Trader generated charts as well as normal bar charts. Its up to you to decide what type of chart you want to use. Maybe you don’t use Orderflows Trader charts, that’s fine, use a normal bar chart. Although I do think you will get the most value when you use Orderflows Trader charts because you can see when the market is now playing out and you can get out of the trade early before letting it go to your stop and taking a full loss.

Lets take a look at some charts:

blog 1

These examples are on 10 range ES charts. A little slow.

blog 2

Here is a 30 minute ES chart. Would you be willing to risk 2 points on a trade?


Let me ask you again and expand on it … would you be willing to risk 2 points on a trade, when you can have potential trades that give you 5, 10, 20+ point moves? I am talking POINTS, not ticks.



You have to ask yourself “are you willing to take a little risk for a big reward?” Not every trade will work out as beautifully as that. But good trades are found on a daily basis.

I could show chart and chart and chart. But it is best to see it for yourself in action.

Pick up a copy today.