Trading Room

Get OFree Access To The Orderflows Trader Live Trading & Education Room When You Purchase The Orderflows Trader Package.

The Orderflows Trader Live Trading/Education Room is where I explain the order flow and trade the ES and ZB. The purpose of this room is to educate traders on order flow. It is a resource for Orderflows Trader software users. If you are looking for a room where I am just going to say buy here, sell there then this is not the room for you. But if you want to listed to a trader explain what he is seeing in the order flow so you can learn then you will enjoy this room.


One of the main goals of the Orderflows Trader Live Trading/Education Room is to build a community of serious traders. You will be gaining much more than real-time order flow trading analysis and insights.

Here is how the Orderflows Trader Live Trading Room works:
The room opens around 8:00 am (Chicago Time) and runs until 10:00 am (Chicago Time).
I personally moderate and lead the trading room, providing a running commentary in real-time (NOT someone who I taught or learned my methods of trading).
The slow periods of the day are used to educate on order flow trading. Topics will vary but I often talk about what happened since the European open, important levels I will look for today, economic news releases, psychology and more.
If there are no trades for the day, there are no trades.
Please note – While I do my best to run the room every trading, occasionally I need to take a day off here and there.

Your Benefits Of Joining The Orderflows Trader Real-Time Trading Room:
Trade entry and exit using order flow explained. I not only tell you when I enter or exit a trade, but I also explain WHY, so you can learn and understand by seeing the actual trading.
Learn in real time. I watch several markets so there is enough activity for you to learn, but not so much that you get confused. Honestly some days I am too busy explaining what is happening in the order flow to actually trade. If you are looking for a room where there are trades being called out every few minutes, this is not the room for you. The main purpose of this room is to educate you to see the setups yourself.

With Orderflows Trader you will gain the confidence, discipline and patience you need to become a consistently successful day trader – and get your questions answered along the way.

For traders that want a 1-on-1 trading mentor, I also offer mentoring outside of the trading room.

My goal is to teach you how to trade consistently and profitably using order flow. That is why I include a month in the trading room when you purchase the Orderflows Trader Software Package – to help you become an independent trader within a short period of time. I don’t want you to have to keep paying money to learn how to trade or understand order flows. I have users who have spent in excess of $30,000 (that is NOT a typo – Thirty Thousand Dollars) over the years on trader education and still couldn’t make money trading until they used Orderflows Trader and my mentoring.
For traders interested in learning order flow, the Orderflows Trader Live Trading Room is the perfect place.

I look forward to seeing you in the Orderflows Trader Live Trading Room.

(After signing up you will receive an email regarding your login information to the trading room.)