Orderflows Divergence

Posted by on Aug 22, 2015 in Hidden Trade Locations

Orderflows Divergence

When the market makes a new high but there were more sellers in the bar or when the market makes a new low but there were more buyers in the bar. This often signals a turning point in the market. The market tried to go higher but couldn’t and was overwhelmed by sellers. The same is true at lows, the market was going lower and lower until the buyers stepped in and overwhelmed the sellers. Orderflows has created the Orderflows Divergence Indicator to draw an arrow on the chart whenever this occurs.

What makes the Orderflows Trader Divergence different than all the other order flow divergence indicators is that it also takes into account what the market is actually doing.

The whole point of having a divergence indicator is to point the changes in direction. If the market is having a divergence but the price hasn’t changed direction, say from going up to going down, then to me that is not really a valid divergence. What is the point of having a trade set up that is fundamentally flawed?

Orderflows Trader Divergence works how you would expect it to work – correctly calling changes in market direction.



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